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Sports Performance

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Dugout Baseball & Performance is dedicated to fulfilling the needs of players to develop their bodies and build the muscles behind the movements. Our professional instruction and expert evaluation will help you advance effectively and develop the skills you need to succeed at a high level of play. Our facility is equipped with Legend Fitness Racks for Olympic-style workouts and for the exercises that are considered the core of successful strength training programs. All athletes will go through a comprehensive assessment and analysis prior to starting the training program. Coaches create a program for each athlete, which they can use year round to develop overall strength, flexibility, mobility and athleticism which will turn into results on the field. Our staff has the knowledge and passion to help each player achieve their goals.



  • High Intensity Interval Training

  • Resistance Band Work

  • Core Stabilization

  • Flexibility Training

  • Plyometric Training

  • Strength Training

  • Dynamic Balance

  • Speed and Agility Training

  • High Speed Treadmill

  • Pre-test / Post-test to measure gains

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